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Elm Street Neighborhood
Elm Street Neighborhood Elm Street Neighborhood Elm Street Neighborhood
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The Elm Street Program is structured around a five-point approach, integrated through a community-based strategic planning process.  The elements include:  Safe, Clean, and Green; Neighbors and Economy; Design; Image and Identity; and Sustainable Organization.

Committees for each of these five areas have been established. The goal, and duties of each committee is listed below:

1.  Clean, Safe, & Green

: Enhance the real & perceived level of safety, cleanliness & quality of passive & active recreational opportunities in the Elm Street Neighborhood.

Duties: Block watch, street lighting levels, neglected spaces, community gardens, lot landscaping, tool libraries, enhanced public spaces.

2. Design

Goal: Enhance the physical appearance of the Elm Street Neighborhood by capitalizing on its unique assets & traditional layout.

Duties: Facade & design guidelines, historic preservation, streetscape plans, traffic calming, code enforcement, inventory of current conditions.

3. Neighbors & Economy

Strengthen the quality of existing residential housing stock of the Elm Street Neighborhood while diversifying the type & income mix to ensure a balanced environment.

Duties: Resident surveys, business/property inventory, credit enhancement, entrepreneurial development, life skills, enhance homeownership.

4.  Image & Identity 

Goal: Market the unique characteristics of the Elm Street Neighborhood to potential residents, investors, new businesses, tourists, & others.

Duties:  Public relations & media relations, annual events, public awareness, signage, house tours, web site.

5.  Sustainable Organization

Goal: Build consensus and cooperation among the groups that play roles in the district through the designation of an Elm Street Organization.

Duties: Identification of partners & liaisons, tabulation of action plans, long term financial plan, annual fundraising, nomination of board & officers, board & committee training, by-law management.