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Elm Street Neighborhood
Elm Street Neighborhood Elm Street Neighborhood Elm Street Neighborhood
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Welcome to the "Elm Street" Project Area
Bradford, Pennsylvania

The Elm Street program is designed to provide assistance and resources to those mixed use and residential areas in proximity to central business districts, to further enhance the downtown area and to improve the viability of older neighborhoods. The Elm Street Program incorporates volunteer support, leveraging of private dollars, strategic planning, rehabilitation/reuse of existing buildings and streetscape improvements. Neighborhood involvement and a visible programmatic connection to an existing Downtown revitalization program are required and must be demonstrated.

The Elm Street Program is funded in whole by the Commonwealth’s Department of Community and Economic Development-New Communities Program.  These programs provide communities with the tools to integrate the revitalization of downtowns, surrounding neighborhoods and industrial/manufacturing areas.  Elm Street aims to improve the situation of Pennsylvania’s residential neighborhoods while linking revitalization efforts to those in adjacent/nearby Main Street/downtowns.  The Elm Street Program is structured around simultaneous actions in five focus areas, integrated through a community-based strategic planning process.  The elements include:  Safe, Clean, and Green; Neighbors and Economy; Design; Image and Identity; and Sustainable Organization. The Elm Street program is intended to operate in parallel cooperation with existing downtown or commercial corridor revitalization programs, including the Pennsylvania Main Street program. In this way, the fabric that connects healthier neighborhoods and more robust business districts can be rewoven.